Junga GmbH Steuerberatungsgesellschaft


History & Philosophy

“Through our activities we support entrepreneurs in developing their business in order to reach their entrepreneurial goals.”

The Junga PLC tax consulting company was founded in 2001 by Marcus Junga in Solingen. In 2008 we moved into our current office in the Friedrichstraße in the heart of Solingen.

The entrepreneurial spirit of the founder has led to a continuous development of our company over the years. Today, our clients can fall back on a fully qualified team of tax counsellors, economists, tax clerks, accountants and administrative employees. Our services do not only include the full range of tax advice and counselling, but a consolidated consultancy in all business affairs. It is our goal, to develop solutions for entrepreneurs in collaboration with our clients, solutions that fit, that are livable and that ensure a healthy development of our clients enterprises.

We welcome clients from Solingen, from the region, from all over Germany and more.

In order to support and accompany even those clients that are not from our region we use the best communication and information technology available. Additionally we are very mobile, thus on site meetings all over Germany are easily viable.

The whole team of Junga PLC, with enthusiasm and team spirit, is looking forward to all the tasks that our clients entrust us with. Therefore we are just as happy to take over accounting, payroll, financial statements and tax returns, as we are to offer consultancy on configuration, tax court proceedings or management consultancy like succession planning, acquisition and divestment of companies or analysing corporate targets.